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Private Public Partnerships (PPP) are today considered an integral avenue for the
pursuit of Kenya's development agenda. They are seen as a vehicle through which the
government encourages and involves the private sector through commercial
investments in facilities and services; give better value for money and transfer
significant risk and management to the private sector. The adoption of this mechanism
has widely been herald, however there is need to ascertain and evaluate the

Tax is an important stream of revenue for government's development projects. However, PAYE tax
compliance in Kenya is generally poor because of inadequate knowledge among the taxpayers. The
main aim of this study was to determine the effect of tax related education on PA YE tax
compliance for the Kenya Revenue Authority audited firms in Nairobi. This study examined
taxpayers' education as a key strategy in achieving voluntary PA YE tax compliance among the tax
payers. The study adopted a survey research design.

Thepurpose of this study was to establish the relationship between agency costs and financial
performanceof firms listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
Descriptivestudy was applied; the target population was all the companies in the NSE that
tradedcontinuously within the period of 5years for the year 2008 to 2012. A census was used for
thefirms.52 companies were analyzed since the rest were suspended from trading at the NSE.
Thestudywas a research which utilized secondary data from companies listed in Nairobi Securities

Strategy implementation is one of the stages in organizations decision making process crucial for
translatingstrategies into desired actions then expected results by embracing all the actions that
enablestrategies to be put into practice. Organizations therefore need to consider the resources to
be used, human resources required, structures, systems among other variables. The manner in
which strategic management and strategy implementation is practised vary from one

Organizations worldwide are confronting more turbulent markets, more demanding

shareholders, and more discerning customers, and many are restructuring to meet such

challenges. Change is always happening, like a river winding its way to the ocean; it never

ceases. Continuous and overlapping change has become a way of life in the corporate

environment. Leaders who want to get ahead in today's market place must learn to respond to

a growing number of changes in how they structure companies, conduct business, implement

This study was set out to investigate the competitive strategies adopted by local
pharmaceutical companies in Kenya. The objective of the study was to investigate the
competitive strategies adopted by local pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in
Kenya and to determine the challenges they face when implementing these strategies.
This study adopted a cross sectional survey design which was most appropriate in the
investigation of competitive strategies adopted the local pharmaceutical manufacturing

Governments are fundamentally different from business enterprises because they have
different purposes, processes of generating revenues, stakeholders, budgetary
obligations and propensity for longevity. These differences require separate
accounting and financial reporting standards in order to meet the needs of the
stakeholders who assess the government's ability for accountability and socioeconomic
development. The study sought to determine the factors for effective

This study was carried out with the purpose of establishing the relationship between credit
policy and financial performance of microfinance institutions in Kenya. Credit policy is an
important activity within any financial institution that cannot be overlooked in an economic
organization engaged in credit irrespective of the nature of business. A well-structured credit
policy is a prerequisite that is able to define the stability and continued profitability, while a

Strategy implementation is one of the essential components of strategic management,

it is important for effective management since it impacts every part of the

organization's structure especially when change is introduced in an organization. The

objective of this study was to determine .challenges facing strategy implementation in

the ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in Kenya. To achieve the

objective of the study, a case study was adopted in this particular case since not all the

The study sought to investigate the influence of internal controls on performance of
County Governments in Kenya. The drive behind the study was to establish internal
control practices help County Governments in Kenya to perform efficiently and
effectively for the benefit of the general interest. The objectives of the study were to
establish; the relationship between internal audit, reporting, control of activities,
information communication and risk assessment and performance of County

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