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This study examined adoption of green marketing practises by hotels in Mombasa County, Kenya. To better understand this subject, the study sought to achieve three specific objectives; to determine the drivers for adoption of green marketing practices by hotels in Mombasa County, to explore benefits associated with adoption of green marketing practises by hotels in Mombasa County and to establish challenges associated with adoption of green Marketing practises by hotels in Mombasa County ..

Commercial banks, both Islamic and conventional have in the recent past have to contend
with the impact of the market interest rates which have kept on fluctuating over time.
Such fluctuations have often had significant impact in the operation of commercial banks.
The Central Bank of Kenya has used interest rates as a tool to control the liquidity and
inflation levels in the country with an intention of sustaining stability in the economy.
Islamic banking financial model however does not entail charging or receiving of interest

Service quality is the assessment of how satisfying a service is, according to the customer's
expectations. Measuring service quality involves both subjective and objective processes of specific dimensions of service: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles.
Satisfaction, on other hand, is more inclusive: it is influenced by perceptions of service quality, product quality, and price as well as situational factors and personal factors. The Student

Organizations operate in a very competitive environment and therefore there is need to change the way they operate to be able to fit in the current environment. Acquisition strategy is one of the key factors companies are considering in order to survi ve in the market, therefore they need to understand key issues like perception of employees on the strategy before its implementation to ensure it succeeds. This study sought to explore the influence of perception on acquisition strategy at liquid Telecom Kenya.

Keywords: Multiphase queuing systems, service quality, SERVQUAL, healthcare

Turnaround strategies involve components of managing, stabilizing, funding and fixing an underperforming or distressed company. The overall goal of turnaround strategy is to return a distressed company to normal in terms of acceptable levels of profitability. solvency. liquidity and cash flow. Kenya planters' cooperative union is one of the companies whose operation was compromised by bad governance, unscheduled reforms and strict control of initial processing and milling of coffee.

Job satisfaction has a big influence on the success of an organization and is highly valued. It is a philosophy associated with real benefits for an organization. The education sector is Human Capital Intensive since it relies heavily on its employees to offer services to its clients. Job satisfaction is a crucial Human Resource Management practice since it leads to the organization's competitiveness, success, uniqueness and most importantly its growth. The objective of the study was to determine perceived factors influencing job satisfaction among teachers.

The objective of the study is to determine the relationship between mergers and
financial performance. To try and shed more light on this, this study sought to
determine the effect of mergers on financial performance of NSE listed companies in
Kenya. The research adopted a descriptive design to determine the relationship
between mergers and financial performance. The population for this research was all
the firms that have undergone mergers and are listed in the NSE. There were total of

The mortgage market plays a very important role in any economy. It is known to have a
dramatic multiplier effect and is a key economic indicator. The mortgage market has
experienced significant growth in the last decade with many countries experiencing
mortgage boom. The Kenyan mortgage market has been experiencing a boom in the past
ten years and the latest findings have shown that the trend will continue into the
foreseeable future. To ensure the economy is proper positioned a study into forces behind

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