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The process of strategy implementation faces many challenges leading to most organizations failing to successfully implement their strategies. The objective of this study therefore was to establish the challenges faced by Agricultural Finance Corporation in the implementation of strategic changes and how the corporation has responded to those challenges. This was done using a case study and data was collected from the managers of the corporation through an interview guide.

This study sought to determine operations improvement practices in private security

firms in Nairobi County and to establish the relationship between these approaches and

customer satisfaction. Primary data was collected using two sets of semi structured

questionnaires, designed to be completed both by the customers and the managers of

these firms, with a preference of the operations managers since they are the people

Smalland medium enterprises in Kenya form a bulk of the economy and its contribution is
importantfor the country. Banks, also, are known to spur the growth of businesses and therefore
theservices they provide to small and medium enterprises are important to enable that growth.
Variousstudies were done on the effects of banks on the small and medium enterprises but they
hadnot analyzed using the variables used in the study. This provided the research gap and the

In the recent past Savings and Credit Co-operatives (SACCOs) have witnessed faster growth
than other co-operatives. Most Sacco's, especially during their early years of operation, employ
Semi skilled personnel in the finance department and this is partly due to the low scale of remuneration.
Consequently, Poor record keeping and accounting information makes it difficult for
financial institutions to evaluate potential risks and returns (World Bank 1978). The purpose of

In today's fiercely competitive environment, most firms have only one choice to
innovate or die. Many innovation and creativity studies have focused on providing
solutions or solving problems using technology, thus providing technological
solutions to customers' problems. In return technologies have been viewed as
solutions to problems making most innovations to be solutions driven. However
unlike technological solutions, value innovation focuses on redefining the problems

The major negative implications of global crisis on the financial systems and real
economies of the countries of the world have brought into focus of the decision
makers and researchers the problem of evaluating and monitoring the financial stability
of the banking sector.
One line of research has focused on the relationship between financial liberalization and
the stability of banking sector. This study contributed to the line of research by
examining the effects financial liberalization on the stability of banks in Kenya. The

Access to training and development programs is a very important aspect of human resource
development since it sits at the core of employee performance. Schools offering British
curricula have now become part of the link between Kenya and other nations worldwide
playing a big role in the attainment of Vision 2030, yet attention has not been paid to the factors
influencing access to training and development programs. The main objective of this study was
to determine factors influencing access to training and development programs among teachers in

Bank assurance is one of the products offered by commercial banks under 'Universal
Banking'. It is a combination of two words 'bank' and 'assurance' which refers to banks
selling insurance products. Bank assurance arrangements take three forms; strategic
alliance, full integration; and the mixed model. The objective of the study was to
determine the significance of bank assurance on financial performance of Kenyan
commercial banks. The study was anchored on three theories: financial intermediation

The purporse of this study is to determine the effects of political instability during the Arab

Revolutiona nd performance of the tea exporting firms in Kenya. The research design used was a

Census cross-sectionalsurvey. The population consisted of all tea exporting companies in Kenya

Who are membersof EATTA. The total population was thirty six members and out of these,

Twenty responded representing a 55.56% response rate. The study used questionnaires as the

Good corporate governance system helps people tasked with decision making,
accountability and responsibility within and outside a corporate body in making optimal
decisions. It ensures varying interests of all stakeholders are obtained to an acceptable
level. The purpose of this research was to analyze whether there is a relationship between
corporate governance and financial performance of the 62 companies listed at the NSE.
Data was obtained from 48 companies listed at the NSE for the period January 2009 to

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