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The process of strategy management will only be complete after the evaluation and
control takes place. The general purpose of this study was to find out the strategy
evaluation and control practices at the University of Nairobi. This study was also
undertaken to find out the importance of strategy evaluation and control practices as well
the challenges if any, which may have been encountered in implementing the evaluation
and control practices. The primary data was collected through the use of the interview

Technological advancement has brought significant changes to banking worldwide. Kenya is

not an exception to this development in the banking industry. Bank customers have adopted

the use of Credit card as the credit card has evolved into one of the most accepted, convenient

and profitable financial products around the world. It is accepted by millions of consumers

and merchants around the world as a routine means of payment for all variety of products and

services. This study sought to examine the posited associations between credit card

Organizations nowadays are under intense pressure to fundamentally change how they
operate and do business if they are to ensure their survival and competitiveness. As
organizations go through this motion it is important to understand change
management practices. Due to development of new products and processes, social and
political change and economic fluctuations organizations are forced to change so as to
align themselves to the environment. These changes have to be managed too so that

InKenya, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often seen as an 'add-on', peripheral to the
core business of companies. Many CSR departments operate from within marketing,
communications, corporate affairs, and training or human resources departments. The objective
of the study was to establish the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on profitability of
companieslisted in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The study sought to establish whether the

The purpose of the study was to establish the impact Work analysis & Design has on
Service Quality in hotels by examining the relationship between Work Analysis &
Design through specific objectives. The objectives of the study were determine the roles
of physical facilities, professional Judgment and behavioural aspects in operation
activities that infl uence excellent productivity while including variable such as
ergonomics and training.
The study utilized descriptive research design to quantify the pnmary data where

The motive behind this study was to investigate the influence of promotion strategies on
performance of fast moving consumer good firms in Nairobi County Kenya. The
objective of this study was to determine the influence of promotional strategies on the
performance of Fast Moving Consumer Goods firms in Nairobi county. Descriptive
research design was used that present data using frequencies, percentages, means and
standard deviation to summarize the data. The study was a census study where the study

The purpose of my research was to find out the Factors that are influencing effectiveness in the
execution of Mandate of state regulatory and enforcement agencies within the maritime trade in
Kenya. There are several state regulatory and enforcement agencies that are involved in
international trade, and the nature of regulation differs amongst the state Agencies. The study
thus sought to find out the nature of regulation within the maritime trade in Kenya and how this is

Electronic Procurement is the use of electronic computer systems to manage the entire

procurement process Francois (2012). While this system can deliver significant cost

savings to business, a number of innovative companies and marketplaces are now

looking at other appropriate areas of their business to drive forward their business

performance throughout the value chain - both supply and demand. The objective of

the study was to assess the challenges facing implementation of e-procurernent by

Recruitment, as a human resource management function, is one of the activities that impact
most critically on the performance of any organization irrespective of its size and location.
While it is understood and accepted that poor recruitment decisions continue to affect
organisational performance and limit goal achievement, the effective recruitment practices of
employees is a fundamental Human Resource Management activity which if managed well it
can have a significant impact on organizational performance as well as lead to a more positive

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