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Nowadays business environment is characterized by faster technological development,
shorter product life cycle and more intense global competition. This new competitive
landscape force organizations to actively acquire new ways to achieve competitive
advantage since a firm's competitive advantage is now more dependent on operating
efficiency and productivity across functional areas of the organization. The most
successful manufacturers seem to be those that have carefully linked their internal

The study examined the healthcare financing challenges. It also identified various
funding mechanisms available to finance public health care in Kisumu county Kenya.
A combination of primary and secondary sources was used to collect data for the
study. Convenience sampling technique was employed to select 90 respondents for
the study. It was found out that inadequate health facility, high cost of health
resources, health infrastructure, health personnel and healthcare policies were some of

Over the last few decades, risk management has become an area of development in
improving organization performance as well as creating good image of any organization.
The area of financial services has been a business sector related to conditions of
uncertainty where it is mostly exposed to risk. Every organization has a corporate image,
whether it wants one or not. When properly positioned and managed, the corporate image
will accurately reflect the organization's commitment to quality, excellence and its

In the past the competition in the banking sector was mainly about the safety of customers'
savings and the interest accruing from such savings. However, today the competition in the
banking sector has shifted to the provision of high quality services. The adoption of internet
banking was one of the innovations embraced by National Bank of Kenya Limited (NBK) to
improve service delivery. However, since the adoption of internet banking by the bank in the
year2012, the number of customers accessing internet banking services has remained relatively

To deal effectively with the wide array of factors affecting the ability of a business to
grow and prosper, strategic management emphasizes formal techniques for setting an
organization's long-term course, developing plans in the light of internal and external
circumstances, and undertaking appropriate action to reach those goals (Goldsmith,
1997). Strategic management refers to the set of decisions and actions that result in the
formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve a company's objectives

Strategic Issue management specializes in detecting surprise developments in the
business environment through constant monitoring and surveillance and execution of
timely responses. This research study main focus was on Strategic Issue Management
(SIM) practices by Enashipai Resort and Spa and the factors influencing SIM in that
organization due to the emerging issue in Kenya which have an effect on the hospitality
industry. The environment is changing and for companies to remain competitive they

Continuing professional development as a process has characterized all professions,
nursing notwithstanding with varying effects which necessitates an examination thus the
study. The objective of this study was to establish the perceived effects of continuing
professional development on job performances of nurses in Nairobi City County, Kenya.
The study was carried out within the Ministry of Health owned health facilities in Nairobi
City County which had a population of 1450 of nurses at the time of the study. The study

Agency costs are the result of misalignment of interests between the principal and agent.

They include contracting, transaction, moral-hazard and information costs. Firm-specific

agency costs are related to a variety of covariates including firm governance structures,

liquidity, information asymmetry and executive compensation. If both parties to the

agency relationship are utility maximizers, the agent may not always act in the best

interests of the principal. Agency costs can be reduced by minimizing the agency

The introduction of e-banking in Kenya had a great impact on the way in which
Commercial Banks in Kenya conduct their day to day business. This state of affairs
compelled the researcher to conduct this study on the extent of the application of ebanking
strategies by commercial banks in Kenya. The study engaged the use of a
descriptive research design in order to obtain the necessary data as it facilitated primary
data collection as a means of getting into the research objectives. The population under

With the increasing level and pace of innovation and competition, market leaders have to
create a competitive advantage that enables them to drive and retain superior financial
performance within the industry they operate in. The insurance industry in Kenya has
been in existence for decades. However to this day, the industry struggles with poor
permeation levels of insurance products. This study focused on competitive strategies
adopted by insurance companies to remain successful in an industry with low penetration.

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