IDS Director: Prof. Karuti Kanyinga Speaking During the Launch

The Institute for Development Studies (IDS), the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), and Rako Research and Communication Centre based in Hargeisa, Somaliland launched a collaborative research project on Diaspora Humanitarianism in Complex Crises (D-Hum) on 28th February 2020. The project focuses on Somalia and aims to analyze the mobilization, channeling, delivery, and effects of diaspora humanitarianism regarding the Somali diaspora.

The project examines the movements of goods, people and ideas, from crisis-affected areas, hubs for humanitarian agencies and diaspora activities, to settlement countries. The projects will explore what kinds of assistance do Somali diaspora groups mobilize, channel and deliver to Somalia during complex crises and which social, material and technological infrastructures do they use or create in the process of doing so?  Prof. Karuti Kanyinga, IDS Director noted that the role of the diaspora humanitarian will address the current political and development challenges the African continent is facing such as policy, etc.