Political Science & Public Administration

  1. The Role of University of Nairobi in Kenyan Politics since 1970s

History & Archaeology

  1. Rethinking African Historical & Cultural Scholarship During and After Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities


  1. UoN@50: The Trajectories of Scholarship


  1. UoN@50: An Epitomy of Philanthropology


  1. UoN@50:The Faculty of Arts and the Growth of University of Education

Library and Information Science

  1. Three Day Webinar on Information for Development, Governance, Leadership and Ethics in Institutions of Higher Learning: From 12TH - 14TH October 2020: Time 3.30-6.00 PM

School of Law

  1. Three Series of Webinars themed “Fifty Years of Legal Education in Kenya” October, November, December 2020


  1. Special  Webinar on the Constitution of Kenya 2010+1027 August 2020


  1. Special Journal  Publications, including East Africa Law Journal(EALJ) and University of Nairobi Law Journal(UNLJ) September 2020-June 2021


  1. Establishment/Launch of Centres of Excellence/Communities of Interest(3No) September 2020-June 2021


  1. Greening Parklands Campus, including tree planting and gardens October 2019-June 2021


  1. Establishment of Senior Staff Common Room October 2019-June 2021


  1. SoL Alumni RE- UNION / Gala Dinner December 2020 or March 2021


  1. Launch of the School of Law Alumni Diary December 2020


  1. Development policy debate 50 years on: Session 8/10/2020


  1. The role of the academy in the development processes: Dimensions and Perspectives at a Critical Juncture for Development: Session 9/10/2020


  1. Re-imagining the future of development studies and development: Session III- 15/10/2020


  1. AWSC open day: Recognizing former University of Nairobi in Key position (past and present) through display of portraits.


  1. African Women’s Studies Vision for 50 years and beyond


  1. Collaborators with African Women Studies Centre in Championing African women’s experiences and achievements.


  1. The first female graduates of University of Nairobi: sharing experiences and achievements.


  1. A debate with the AWSC Alumni on what it is to be an African woman scholar: sharing experiences.


  1. Women trailblazers in different fields in the University of Nairobi: A day of going back memory lane in academia at UoN.


  1. Workshop by current AWSC graduate students as pushers of knowledge


  1. Making women’s perspectives count through African women epistemology