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Click https://eclass.uonbi.ac.ke/ to access e-class.

How to Login

  • Use your Active Directory login details 

Updating Student Profile on E-Class

  • Step 1. Login with AD students username and passwords ( you can reset on adstudents.uonbi.ac.ke)
  • Step 2.  The system prompts a student accessing the system for the first time to enter an email address. The system strictly requires a student to enter @students.uonbi.ac.ke address
  • Step 3. The student should enter the correct email address and also update missing name ( sometimes first, second and surnames are put on a single text box for the first name. Name is a mandatory field)
  • Step 4. Scroll down and click the update button.
  • Step 5.  If the submission is successful, login to email the provided on step 3, open the message and click the verification link (the system will not accept any email except @students.uonbi.ac.ke )
  • Step 6. Go back to eclass.uonbi.ac.ke and enroll on all relevant course units