FAQ Category


Go to: http://learning.uonbi.ac.ke  to access online lectures. 

Registering for a course 

  • Login using student portal username and password
  • Select enroll for a course
  • Select category e.g PhD (Doctorate students), Graduate (Postgraduate Students) or Undergraduate (Bachelors and Diplomas)
  • Select academic program
  • Register for course Units under your academic programs by selecting icon next to the course title (a student must register for each course unit)

Accessing course materials

  • Login
  • Select  a course
  • Select document to access handouts
  • Select Assignment to check or upload assignments
  • Select forum to have online discussion on a given topic with classmate or group members
  • Select chat to have a real time discussion on a given topic with other students online

Contact:  lst@uonbi.ac.ke or Phone: 0204914036 / 0204914040 / 0204914010