what you need to know

As most students are undertaking online examinations, the Registrar Academics, Mr.  Humphrey Webuye has sent out vital information that is on a students’ need-to-know before, during and after their examinations.

This is not new information, it is just a kind reminder to students of some regulations that they need to adhere to.

The Information includes the ‘Bring your own gadget’ policy that has been instituted to conduct online examinations seamlessly. If during examinations, a student loses electricity or internet connection, they are required to report immediately through their official student E-mail to the Chairman of Department or the relevant Dean/Director of the faculty/School/Institute/ Center.  Only the cases reported within 24 hours will be investigated and a report made to the senate for appropriate consideration.


Students have been reminded that cheating is a punishable offence by expulsion in accordance with Senate’s Resolution since 1978. Those that are writing theses and dissertations are also informed that plagiarism is regarded as cheating in examinations and anyone found guilty will be expelled from the University

On attendance of classes, the University requires all students to attend a minimum of 2/3 of prescribed hours for each of their classes, failure to which they are not allowed to sit for examinations.

The University requires prompt communication official channels in case of:-

  • Sickness of various types
  • Absence from the University due to personal problems: funerals, finances, police cases, land cases etc;
  • Negligence by the student
  • Problems with various members of staff-in class or outside
  • problems related to connectivity


Senate has made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR THAT IT WILL NOT ENTERTAIN CASES WHICH ARE REPORTED AFTER THE EXAMINATIONS ARE OVER. The appropriate time to report is BEFORE the examinations and not after. You are, therefore, reminded that if there is ANY problem which is likely to interfere with your academic programme, it is YOUR responsibility to inform the Dean/Director or the Chairman of your Department in good time of such a problem. If it is a medical problem of whatsoever nature, the appropriate person to report to is the Chief Medical Officer, University of Nairobi Health Services, who will then inform the Dean’s/Director’s Office accordingly.

Certificates or other documents from your private doctors are NOT acceptable.