The University of Nairobi Students from the Department of Literature, Soka University Students on exchange programme toured the United Nation lead by the Chair Dept of Literature Dr. Masumi Odari. The guided tour offers an exciting opportunity for students to discover UN Headquarters, the tour guide took students on a brief journey through the corridors of international diplomacy to learn about the history and work of the United Nations, they visited the famous General Assembly Hall and Security Council Chambers.presentation @UN

A guided tour lasts approximately one hour. Tours are offered in all six official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian), as well as in additional languages in high demand. The University of Nairobi Students had the opportunity to interact with the UN staff, through an elaborate presentation, they also enjoyed the state of the art facility at the General Assembly Hall and Security Council Chamber.

UN Assembly Chamber

A tour guide taking students through the UN  infrastructure and giving a brief history of the UN.

UN tour