Prof. Evaristus Irandu of the Department of Geography & Environmental Studies gave a captivating, motivating and mentorship talk to students of Limuru Girls High School (popularly known as Chox). This was during the school’s “Humanities Week” held on Saturday 15th of June 2013. Prof. Irandu stressed that “Humanities and Social Sciences” is important in all aspects of our lives. Quoting several success stories and examples, Prof. Irandu encouraged the students who choose Humanities (Geography, History and CRE) to be proud of it and walk tall in the crowd. He advised the students to focus on their goals and be like “thefrogs, who were once advised that due to their size and jumping nature, couldnot climb trees. But thesmart creatures, instead of being discouraged,pretended to be deaf in a smart way and at the same time, moved forward and achievedtheir goal – which was to climb a tree!” He challenged the students to takea leading role in education, politics and planning.Dr. Stella Mukhovi and Ms. Parita Shah accompanied Prof. Irandu during this important outreach mission.