February 25, 6:00 am





Thursday Feb 25th

7:00 - 9:00 AM Eastern time

This event will help employers and educators connect to prepare the workforce for the green economy. The clean energy transition is creating new job opportunities around the world. With the rapid expansion of renewables and energy efficiency, along with technology disruptions, the needed skill sets of tomorrow’s workforce are going to be significantly different. How can the private sector connect with educational and training institutions to prepare the workforce for clean energy and the green economy?

The intended audience for this webinar is businesses and organizations in the green economy and clean energy sectors, higher education institutions including staff and faculty in all academic disciplines, and workforce developers. This webinar will provide two opportunities: for private sector employers to share what businesses need in their new hires; and for employers and educators to streamline communications about curricula and recruitment. The event will also discuss the policies, processes, and incentive mechanisms (within the private sector, education, and the labor market) required to support the development of the green workforce.  

The webinar will be highly interactive with the participants. It will begin with a panel of speakers from business associations in the clean energy and green economy sectors, and respondents from higher education/workforce development. Participants will learn and be asked about their needs regarding future employees and gaps in the recruitment and talent pipelines.


Opening and Closing Remarks:

Mari Nishimura, UNEP 

Paul Noumba Um, World Bank

Speakers on employer/trade association panel:

  1. Rana Adib, Executive Director, REN21: Renewables Now
  2. Lisa Jacobson, President, Business Council for Sustainable Energy 
  3. Ahmed Samir Elbermbali, Managing Director, Clean Energy Business Council MENA
  4. Olasimbo Sojinrin, Nigeria Country Director, Solar Sister 

Educational Discussants:

  1. Fawzia Tarannum - TERI School of Advanced Studies, India
  2. Jean-Christophe Carteron - Kedge Business School, France
  3. Prem Jain - University of Zambia, Lusaka
  4. Ken Walz - Madison College, CREATE Renewable Energy Center, USA
  5. Cheryl Desha - Griffith University, Australia
  6. Ahmed Benlarabi - Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies, Morocco
  7. Hideaki Ohgaki - Kyoto University, Japan
  8. Andreas Blom World Bank 


Debra Rowe, President

US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

Erik Fernstrom, Practice Manager, MENA Energy

World Bank:

Organized by the UNEP Education team and World Bank’s Energy team under the “Disruptive Clean Energy Transition and Employment Opportunities” activity, funded by ESMAP.

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