Gender Mainstreaming Committee

The terms of Reference for the Committee are:
1. Providing quarterly reports and minutes from gender mainstreaming committees at college
gender activities and issues.
2. Holding quarterly meetings and operationalization of Gender Mainstreaming.
3. Developing the FY 2020/2021 Gender Mainstreaming Annual Work Plan.
4. Organizing training and sensitization of staff on Gender.
5. Mainstreaming Gender in the work place policies, plans and university programs.
6. Carrying out all activities as prescribed in the National Gender and Equity Commission
reporting framework.


1. Prof Mohamud Jama - Ag. Principal/ Chairperson
2. Prof. Onyango Ouma - Director IAGAS
3. Dr. Grace Nyamongo - Ag. Director AWSC
4. Dr. Joseph G. Kabiru - FOA
5. Ms Monday Businge - CASELAP
6. Mr. Michael Chirchir - SOB
7. Dr. Martina Mutheu - SOJ &MC
8. Dr. Shazia Chaudry - SOE
9. Ms Glory Wausi - Administrative Assistant/ Secretary