Budget Implementation Committee

The terms of reference for the Committee are:

1. To review and consider the cash flow plans for the College – this shall involve regular
review of the cash plan and approval of any changes to the initial cash flow plan to be
communicated to the Principal;
2. To review the utilization of cash limits and consider any changes as may be required;
3. To review the utilization of donor funds;
4. To advice the Principal on any challenges related to the Budget
5. To review and recommend reallocation of expenditures;
6. To review and approve the submission of expenditure returns, pending bills and
Appropriation in Aid returns and recommend actions to be taken; and
7. To prepare the College budget in consultation with Heads of Departments.


1. Dr. Collins Odote - Director CASELAP/ Chairperson
2. Prof. Ndeti Ndati - Director SOJ&MC
3. Dr. Ann Khasakhala - Director PSRI
4. Prof. Bitange Ndemo - Department of Business Administration
5. Prof. Mwangi Cyrus Iraya - Department of Finance and Accounting
6. Dr. Nyamute Winnie Iminza - Department of Finance and Accounting
7. Dr. Kennedy Okiro - Department of Finance and Accounting
8. Mr. George Muriuki Ndiritu - Bursar, CHSS
9. Mr. Isaac Kebaso Nyang’au - Procurement Office
10. Mr. Leonard M. Musyoka - College Registrar
11. Mr. Philip Kivati - Senior Administrative assistant PO/ Secretary
12. Ms Linda Aduda - Senior Administrative assistant SOL