Organizations nowadays are under intense pressure to fundamentally change how they operate and do business if they are to ensure their survival and competitiveness. As organizations go through these motions, resistance to change is usually evoked. Moreover, since resistance to change is the most cited implementation problem encountered by management when introducing change, understanding how to manage it is useful. This phenomenon of resistance is a complex issue facing management in organizations today.


Motivated by this concern, this research sought to inquire whether there are strategies, which organizations going through change, can use to manage resistance. Barclays bank of Kenya, which is the subject of this study, undertook changes to its strategic direction, organizational culture, internal processes and performance management system that elicited resistance. A case study was thus conducted to determine how the resistance was managed. The researcher carried out in-depth personal interviews with the top and middle management at Barclays bank of Kenya.


According to the study findings, Barclays bank of Kenya was able to successfully manage resistance by using strategies like adjusting culture, support by top management, communication, participation, scheduling change and training. The study also revealed three recommendations which organizations should take cognizance of when faced with resistance to change. The first one is that it is crucial for managers or change agents to be competent in managing the change process. Secondly, organizations going through change clearly recognize and identify the underlying causes of resistance as and when it emerges. Finally, the positive aspects of resistance should not be ignored. This research contributes to the existing literature and can serve as guidance for managers on how to introduce organizational change in a way that decreases the potential for resistance.

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