It is notably clear that the environment in which organizations in various industries especially
Mobile Telephony are operating is very turbulent. Technological, political legal and socialcultural
factor, threat of new entrant substitute products bargaining power and supplier cannot be
underestimated .Competitive strategy is increasingly effective the more it provide good defense
against the firm competitive forces influences the industry competitive rules in the company
favor and help create sustainable competitive advantage (Thompson & Strickland, 1990).
The research objective of the study was to determine the competitive strategy used by Zain
Kenya using porter generic model of overall cost leadership, differentiation and focus. In order to
achieve this objective an interview guide was adopted. Primary data was collected using personal
interviews five out of six respondent were interviewed. The data was analyzed using content
The following conclusions were made: There is use of more of differentiation and cost strategy
but a combination of generic competitive strategy developed by porter are more pronounced in
the company, major challenges facing implementation of the competitive strategy include:
limited finance resources, frequent change in the management and frequent change in business
Lastly the factor that had great influence on choice of competitive strategy was the manager
perception and leadership style, external environment and resources available. The result of this
research will be invaluable to the company, other companies in the industry and other researcher.



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