At the core of any performance, there will be those traditional, financially-based
measures which periodically summarize the organizations or committee’s performance
for the benefit of shareholders, lenders, and statutory authorities. (Hayes and Abernathy,
1980). The objective of the study was to investigate the extent of application of
performance measurements by Constituency Development Fund committee(s) (CDF) in
A sample size of one representative from each constituency was used to ensure a fair
distribution of views obtained on performance of Nairobi CDF committees. In order to
establish the performance indicators of CDF in Nairobi province, self-administered drop
and pick questionnaires was distributed among sampled CDF committee members from
the eight constituencies. Before processing the responses, the completed questionnaires
were edited for completeness and consistency. Content analysis was used to analyze the
respondents’ views about the performance measurement and evaluation.
The study concludes that the Constituency Development Fund committee(s) (CDF) in
Nairobi had applied various performance measurements. This was evident as most of the
CDF committees employed long term performance measures and in addition others also
made use of short term performance measures. These included economy, efficiency,
effectiveness and balance score card. The study also concludes that the Constituency
Development Fund committee(s) (CDF) in Nairobi were faced by various challenges in
relation to performance management and a balance score card and these included
difficulty in definition of what the organization produced and difficulty to set targets or to
make decisions based on the measurement results, because some of the stakeholders had
conflicting objectives.
The study recommends that performance management should be applied to each
Constituency Development Fund committee as it leads to the realization that to be
successful in the long-term then, performance measures are required. The study also
recommends that for the CDF committees to overcome performance challenges, they
need to adopt and implement performance management systems to evaluate and manage
the knowledge and intangible resources.



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