Both strategic management and operations management experts have handled the
resource-based view. In the paper, technological advances in the resource base were the
main focus in addressing the large manufacturing companies with operations with a
narrowed focus from three companies. Unlike service industry, manufacturing industry
involves large outlays of capital to make technological improvements. Nevertheless,
firms that adopted continuous improvement approaches are more tactfully prepared to
adapt to change. It has been stated by change management experts that the only thing
that is constant is change.
The equipment and technologies selected require flexibilities in order to keep up with
the inevitable fast changes that are eminent due to the advent of the Information
technology age and the world opening up to one global village. As the borders have
become more porous, focus by manufacturing companies on competitive technologies
networking with successful world-class firms, strategic partners are the in-thing thatkeeps a firm afloat without fear of collapsing or crushing.
Resources that generate economic rent for a company, as well as the synergistic
combination that a large manufacturing firm creates is responsible for its sustainable
competitive advantage over rivals and this position does not remain static. In the everchanging
world, the company that is alert and tactically responsive to the market and
customer and operational dynamics, is ready to counter any shocks and challenges the
new scenario may bring.
The level of addressing this technological resource-based view has varied across the
three companies with results proportional to the amount of involvement of all people
stake holding the company. Data has been collected from the Archives, interviews,
newspapers and published reports. The results are advancing the resource-based view
for technological resources for all manufacturing firms.


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