Services Offered

  • Advice students regarding courses, specialization and examinations
  • Prepare Cat and examination timetables and distributes them to students and Lecturers
  • Handle students complains regarding examination timetables and missing marks
  • Supports and encourages confidence in academic decision making by promoting student independence in academic processes and regulations.
  • Consults with students to audit progress through programs
  • Assists students in the development of an educational plan including choosing a program of study and/or clarifying educational goals. To guide the student through this decision-making process.
  • Provides students with information about alternatives, limitations and possible consequences of academic decisions (e.g. adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses; change of program, major and/or transfer institution)
  • Define clearly the responsibilities of individual lectures regarding setting exams drafts, supervision of exams, marking and deadline dates for the same.
  • Coordinate the production of draft examination papers by Lecturers for examinations in each semester and forward the same to various chairmen of departments.
  • Receive mark sheets and complete course files from lecturers and send to various chairmen of departments.
  • Bring to the attention of the Lecturers, Centre Coordinator, Director Campus, Chairmen of department , Dean School of Business and School Board of Examiners any problem regarding students and examinations
  • Help to establish detailed procedures to ensure trouble-free operation of the examinations system.
  • Refer students to various sections of the university for help

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Office Telephone Line: 0202659307

5Th Floor, West Wing

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